Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that this FAQ document is a working resource. There are some questions we do not have answers to currently, and we will do our best to update the information below as we receive confirmation and clarification. Thank you for your patience as we work through this difficult situation.

What will the rest of the school year look like?

With school closures extended until at least May, the Ministry of Education has provided resources to support student learning, and guidelines for teachers regarding instruction for students to learn from home.

More information on what parents can expect as teacher-led learning resumes has been shared home with parents. Our plan includes guidelines for teachers, information on what parents can expect as part of distance learning, and tips on how parents can support their children with distance learning.

We know that distance learning will not replace the normal school day, but we are considering how teachers can think differently about how to communicate, give instruction and provide feedback; design lessons and assignments that are authentic and meaningful; and perhaps most importantly, continue to connect with students to support their wellbeing in these challenging days. Our plan will include Edsby and Google Classroom, as well as different mediums for families that do not have consistent Internet access.

We also are very conscious that each family's environment, capacity, and access to materials is different. As a result, our planning focuses on providing flexible learning opportunities to avoid adding stress or expectations for families.

We encourage parents to continue to access the many additional learning resources in Literacy, Math, Science, Technology, Social Studies, the Arts and Special Education that are available through our #KPRLearningAtHome portal. These resources are organized by grade and available via our dedicated COVID 19 banner on our website: www.kprschools.ca.

How long will my child be expected to learn from home each day?

The Ministry of Education has shared the following guidelines about what to expect from distance learning:

·     Kindergarten to Grade 3: Five hours of work per student per week, with a focus on literacy and math;

·     Grades 4-6: Five hours of work per week, with a focus on literacy, math, science, and social studies;

·     Grades 7-8: 10 hours of work per week, with a focus on math, literacy, science and social studies; and,

·     Grades 9-12: Three hours of work per course per week for semestered students, and 1.5 hours of work per course per week for non-semestered students, with a focus on credit accumulation and graduation.

How can I help my child be successful while learning at home?

Every family situation is unique and each students’ needs are unique. While teachers will support student learning by providing assignments and instruction, ongoing feedback and connection, parents can help support learning in a number of ways, as identified in this Parent Tip Sheet for Distance Learning.

We do not have reliable Internet access or a computer or tablet for our children to complete work at home. What should we do?

We recognize that not all of our students have immediate computer or Internet access. A crucial step in our planning has been the canvasing of families and students to better understand the need for technology supports. This was completed by schools and our ICT staff last week.

We will be sharing home to parents in the coming days how we are supporting students in need through the redeployment of our existing technology resources.

We are also currently working through a plan to provide paper resources through schools. This planning is complicated by the physical distancing measures currently in place provincially, and the fact that our schools are also currently closed to staff. We will continue to work through these plans to develop a solution to meet the diverse needs of our students.

My child has special needs and requires assistive technology. Can my child access this technology?

Yes. School principals are connecting with families of students with assistive technology to arrange pick-up of these essential learning devices.

Is the school year in jeopardy? How will the school closure affect graduating students?

For many students and parents, particularly in Grade 12, there is concern about the possible loss of the school year.  The Minister of Education has been very clear that no student will have their graduation jeopardized by the developments of COVID-19. It is our understanding that the government is working with the ministry of Colleges and Universities, and the post-secondary sector on next steps. The minister has stated, “our government will ensure students, who plan on entering college or university in September 2020, have our full support to accomplish this goal.”

We share this provincial commitment and have made serving graduating students’ needs a priority in our planning.

At this time, we have not been informed of plans for the school year beyond the announced closure until May.

Can a Grade 12 student graduate if they have not completed their community service hours?

Yes. The Minister of Education has been very clear that no student will have their graduation jeopardized by the developments of COVID-19. This graduation requirement has been waived for graduating, Grade 12 students this year.

Can I get into my child’s school to collect personal items, e.g. from lockers?

As a result of Ministry of Education and Ontario government directives regarding closure of schools, restrictions on non-essential travel and physical distancing, we cannot allow access to schools for students or families to collect personal items.

Will childcare settings in your schools be closed?

Yes. As of March 14, 2020, all childcare centres located in our schools, including standalone centres, will be closed through to May 4, 2020. This includes the cancellation of all Before and After-school care.

At the request of our municipal partners, who are responsible for local child care, some centres in our schools may re-open to provide child care for children of essential workers, such as hospital staff, police, paramedics and other health professionals, as identified through the province’s Emergency Child Care Plan.

Will Community Use of Schools be impacted?

Yes. As of March 14, 2020, all Community Use of School permits for our facilities are cancelled until at least May.   

Will the school year be extended into the summer months?

We have not received this direction from the Ministry of Education. The decision to extend the school year would be made by the Ministry. It’s too early to determine if this will be necessary.

Will school activities, field trips, special events be cancelled?

Yes. Between now and May 3, 2020, schools are closed to students and staff, so any school-related activities or trips including athletics, are also cancelled throughout this period.

All scheduled class activities, tests, exams, and due dates for assignments will be re-scheduled after the return to classes. It is too early to comment on the impact this will have on school activities currently scheduled for after May 3, 2020.

What about OSSLT and EQAO testing?

EQAO and OSSTL assessments have been cancelled for the year. The government has also waived the graduation requirement for those students still needing to complete this work.  

Will Co-op, OYAP, Dual Credit placements be cancelled?
Yes. All co-op, OYAP and Dual Credit placements are cancelled through to May 3, 2020.