Frequently Asked Questions


How often do you hire permanent support staff?

For most support staff positions, hiring is first to the supply list. Once on the supply list, one can apply for internally posted permanent jobs; very specialized positions may be posted externally as permanent jobs.

How do I get on the supply list with KPRDSB?

For EA/CYW and ECE supply work, first register with ATEN and then you may apply when we advertise for positions matching your qualifications. For all other support staff supply lists, refer to this website for postings and details on how to apply. Deadlines for each round of postings will be listed on ATEN or the web site.

How often do you advertise for the supply support staff positions?

We advertise periodically throughout the year as needs arise.

I live a significant distance from the boundaries of the KPRDSB. Will I still be considered for an interview?

When we advertise we are looking for candidates who can be available to respond to a geographic area of the Board. Please outline in your cover letter when you will be re-locating and to what geographical area.

How can I be sure my application reached the appropriate person if I have applied through ATEN?

When the job posting closes, all candidates are sent an e-mail by ATEN confirming their application. Contact ATEN for information on ensuring your application was received to a particular job posting.

I have been registered on ATEN but have not heard anything. What is the next step?

Ensure you are signed up with "job alert" so you do not miss any job postings. We
advertise periodically throughout the school year.  You will not hear directly from us unless you have applied to a job posting.

Will I be contacted once I apply through the website process?

After the posting closes, applicants are e-mailed with confirmation that their application has been received.  Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Where can I take Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI) as required in many non-teaching positions?


You can contact community and/or private colleges in your area for the course.  Note:  We require you to have NVCI certification within the last two years which consisted of a minimum of 8 to 12 hours of training, including restraint training. NOT Safe Management, UMAB, UPAB, TCI or any other program. The following organizations offer NVCI but you are not limited to these agencies. We are not endorsing only providing this information for your assistance only, as the course can be difficult to find. Prices are subject to change.

  1. Sir Sandford Fleming College - Peterborough. 705-749-5530 Ext. 1364 for information and registration.             
  2. Trillium College - Peterborough campus - $350 for NVCI training - Contact: 705-742-5565 Ext. 300 Contact:  Ashley.  They run courses on an "as needed basis" for other than Trillium College students - will put on a training session for 8 or more people. 
  3. Dorvict - $96.05 (tax included) for 2 day NVCI training -  - courses offered in Toronto and Barrie - run courses once/month - calendar on their website - Toronto Office - Phone: 416-661-1740. 

"Non Violent Crisis Intervention - CPI training is a 2 day training dedicated to the creation of crisis prevention and intervention techniques and resources supporting the work of helping professionals and those who they serve.  The focus of the training is on safe, respectful, non-invasive methods for managing disruptive and assertive behaviours that are compatible with the staff's duty to provide the best possible care."

We hope this has helped you in better understanding our recruitment processes and time lines.

Thank you for your interest in the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board.