Limitations and Dispositions of Delegations



1.  The Board will receive complaints or information from parties that are in litigation against the Board only through written correspondence to the Chairperson who will distribute it to trustees.

2.   The Chairperson reserves the right to immediately suspend presentations from delegates disrespectful of the decorum, and meeting rules of order as established by the Board. The Chairperson may request any delegation or person in attendance to leave the meeting if, after warning, their conduct disrupts the order of the meeting.

Failure to respect the authority of the Chairperson of the Board and/or Committee Chairperson, non-adherence to presentation time limits, and/or disrespectful behaviour may result in immediate suspension of the presentation; forfeiture of presentation privileges for a calendar year; and/or further limitations as deemed appropriate by the Board, including the possible issuance of a trespass notice.

3.  A single hearing will be granted on any particular issue at the Board level. In exceptional circumstances, a second hearing will be granted on special motion of the Board.

At the discretion of the Chairperson of the Board, a delegation of who presented at a committee meeting may also be present at the Board meeting in which the committee's report is being presented.

4. Once the Board has resolved an issue, it reserves the right to hear no further delegations on the issue for at least the next six months.


Immediately following delegation presentations, the Board will proceed to disposition of the concerns of the delegations and may combine multiple presentations on the same issue for action.