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Director's Annual Report

The Director's Annual Report for 2016 covers the 2015-2016 school year and provides a representative review of the Board’s successes of the past year. This year’s report, Spend the Day with Us! was prepared in a video format.

As an organization, our journey continues each day with our students, parents, staff and community. This year’s report, Spend the Day with Us! is an opportunity for us to open a window into a day in the lives of our students and staff. We showcase not only the fantastic events happening in our schools each day, but how important and rewarding it is to work in support of public education 

Sharing our amazing stories from person-to-person, school-to-school, and with the communities we serve is something we want to continue to make a priority. By doing so, we contribute to public confidence and reinforce that we are an organization committed to transparency and accountability.

The Director’s Annual Report for 2016, Spend the Day with Us! is available on the Board’s YouTube channel here: .

Living, Learning and Leading in a Changing World 2015-2018

As an organization committed to continuous improvement, we believe it is critical to take time periodically to pause, reflect, and consider how best to move forward toward greater success, for our students and staff.

To that end, every four years we ask ourselves, and the parents and public we serve, what are the most crucial needs in public education today, and tomorrow.

Living, Learning and Leading in a Changing World 2015-2018 is a culmination of a 10-month journey of consultation, dialogue and realization that began in 2015. Our most recent Strategic Priorities update contains an overview of ongoing work in all departments, and specific expected outcomes and plans of action, in support of the strategic plan.



Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board students have largely maintained the improvements they have made in provincial testing over time in the areas of reading and writing, while mathematics results remain an area of concern. Please see here for latest board results, or here for individual school results.