Peter Mangold

Superintendent of Education: Student Achievement

Superintendent Mangold is located in the Peterborough Community Education Centre and is responsible for the following within his superintendency:

  • student achievement
  • leadership development
  • accountability for school improvement
  • implementation of accommodation decisions
  • data collection
  • acting as a resource to the Regional School Council Associations and supporting local school councils
  • resolving issues within his school community
  • communication with local trustees on issues of concern in his school community
  • implementation of curricular and instructional strategies, operational directions and the Strategic Priorities in his schools
  • providing leadership in an internship program 
  • Crestwood Secondary School family of schools
  • Clarke High School family of schools

Superintendent Mangold is also responsible, on a Board-wide basis, for issues related to Safe, Caring and Restorative Schools' policies, as well as international student recruitment and student exchanges, the Community Training and Development Centre (CTDC), secondary school staffing and enrolment, and summer school.

Peter Mangold

Superintendent of Education: Student Achievement
Extension 2012

Pat Bjorndahl
Executive Assistant
Extension 2012