Joe Tompkins

Superintendent of Education: Student Achievement

Superintendent Tompkins is located in the Education Centre in Peterborough, and is responsible for the following within his superintendency:

  • student achievement 
  • leadership development
  • accountability for school improvement
  • implementation of accommodation decisions
  • data collection
  • acting as a resource to the Regional School Council Associations and supporting local school councils
  • resolving issues within his school community
  • communication with local trustees on issues of concern in his school community
  • implementation of curricular and instructional strategies, operational directions and the Strategic Priorities in his schools
  • Kenner Collegiate Vocational Institute family of schools 

Superintendent Tompkins is also responsible, on a Board-wide basis, for overseeing Elementary Curriculum (Kindergarten to Grade 8) as well as Leadership Development.  

Joe Tompkins
Superintendent of Education: Student Achievement
Extension 2032

Lorraine Haemel
Executive Assistant
Extension 2032