Mission and Vision

Through a series of strategic planning meetings and consultations with thousands of educational stakeholders, the Board  developed a motto, mission, vision and values statements. These statements guide our actions and decisions.

Our Mission

We educate our students to excel in learning, to succeed in life and to enrich our communities.

Our Vision

We are a dynamic and responsive educational community that inspires joy in learning, excellence in teaching, and the development of character. We respect the diversity and uniqueness of all learners, employees, and community members. We create pathways for success in life.

Our Values

  • The best interests and well-being of our students guide our decisions and actions.
  • We provide a balanced education that includes success in student learning, and in personal, social and citizenship development.
  • Our programs support the unique abilities, aptitudes, interests and needs of our students in their career destinations and life choices.
  • We value equity, diversity, inclusiveness and the dignity and humanity of each individual in our policies, practices, programs and interactions.
  • We create a climate of high expectations to promote excellence.
  • Our students and employees demonstrate the positive character attributes developed through community consultation.
  • We foster parental involvement and community engagement to build partnerships that support student learning.
  • We nurture creativity, innovation and ingenuity in our quest for continuous improvement.
  • We value the contributions of each of our employees to the attainment of our mission.
  • We are accountable to the public we serve 

Character Attributes: