CIS Locations

Centres for Individual Studies

The Centre for Individual Studies provides a dynamic educational experience in a flexible environment where students and staff together pursue their quest for life-long learning in an atmosphere of cooperation, dignity and mutual respect.

The caring teachers at the Centre for Individual Studies (CIS) can show you how your previous studies and work experience may help you earn credits.  To learn more, call the Campus Program Leader at the campus closest to you (see below) and join the thousands of students who have already completed their diploma through CIS!

For additional information, please visit the individual websites listed below.

Clarington CIS

140 High Street
Bowmanville, ON   L1C 3C1
Phone: 905-623-6505    

Principal: Alison Sadowski
Vice-principal: Dianne McGregor
Secretary: Lorraine Woods
Superintendent: Peter Mangold 
Trustees: Cathy AbrahamSarah BobkaMary Lynch-Taylor (First Nation), Tenzin Shomar (Student)


Northumberland CIS

780 D'Arcy St.
Cobourg, ON   K9A 4B3
Phone: 905-372-1697   

Principal: Alison Sadowski
Vice-principal: Lorraine Knowles
Secretary: Susan Peters
Superintendent:  Peter Mangold
Trustees: Jaine Klassen JeningaMary Lynch-Taylor (First Nation), Tenzin Shomar (Student)


Peterborough Alternative and Continuing Education Program at Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School

201 McDonnel Street
Peterborough, ON K9H 2W1 
Phone: 705-745-9833

Principal: Alison Sadowski
Vice-principal: Marc Gagne
Secretary: Gale Osmond 
Superintendent: Peter Mangold 
Trustees: Rose KitneyWayne BonnerMary Lynch-Taylor (First Nation), Tenzin Shomar (Student)