New #EastCitySchool

Through a Pupil Accommodation Review Process, a committee of community stakeholders supported the idea of consolidating the Armour Heights and King George Public School students into one new school on the King George property. During the review process, it became clear that the community was passionate about the potential opportunities of a new school.

The Minister of Education visited King George Public School on October 31, 2016 to announce Ministry funding to build the new school. Following the announcement, we invited the Ashburnham community to share their thoughts, to help inform the design of their new school.

Building Your New #EASTCITYSCHOOL                                                        

The unique natural environment of the King George property represents an opportunity to build an innovative school that features 21st Century learning environments, sustainable design, integration of indoor and outdoor learning environments, a child care facility and natural playground. We are currently involved in selecting an innovative architectural team to support our vision of creating an amazing new school.

The projected timelines for the school design and build are as follows:

Task       Timeline 
Request for Architectural Suppliers and Review of Proposals February - June, 2017 
Architectural Contract to be Awarded  by June 30, 2017 
Schematic Design Phase  July/August 2017 
Working Drawings/Consultation with Design Committee Phase September 2017 to March 2018 
Project Tender Process  March-April 2018 
School Construction  May 2018 to August 2019 
School Opening  September 2019 

About the Community Collaboration

In the fall of 2016, the school board invited community collaboration, through an online platform, in three key areas that were identified during the accommodation review process. The community could share their own ideas and see the ideas shared by others.

Over 100 ideas and thoughts were provided through the online platform! You can view the ideas provided by the community, by clicking here.

A stakeholder group of students, staff, parents and community members met in December 2016 to review the ideas provided, and synthesize them, to be used to inform the selection process for the school's architectural team.

Please click here to see the Powerpoint presentation from the focus group.

Please click here to see the synthesized ideas from the focus group.

Watch for more updates as we move forward!

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Thank you!