2013 Parent Conference - Mental Health 101

You may find the following links from the 2013 Parent Conference helpful as well.

Keynote - Understanding Kids’ Behaviour: What’s “Normal” & What Isn’t, with Dr. David Templeman
Workshop: How to Fix Behaviour Problems in Kids, with Dr. Templeman

Other Resources from Dr. Templeman:
Understanding Human Behaviour article
Emotion Regulation Training for Behaviour Problems article
Management of Anxiety in Children and Adolescents article
Impact of ADHD on Daily Life article

Workshop - Early Warning Signs of Mental Health Issues in Children, with Tara Horsman-Downer
Workshop - Early Warning Signs of Mental Health Issues in Teens, with Leslie Walberg-Hegan
Workshop - Anxiety in Children and Youth, with Christine Flindall
Workshop - Helping Your Child Deal with Depression, with Susan Wood
Workshop - Building Resiliency – I Am + I Have = I Can, with Anne Gallant & Janet Leadbeater
Workshop - Bullying: Recognizing the Signs & What You Can Do, with Stephanie Collins
Workshop - The ADHD Brain: Helping Children Learn, with Wendy Kelly
Workshop - The Parent-School Partnership: Working Together in Challenging Situations, with Stan Baker
Workshop - Social Media and Cyber-bullying, with Constable Keith Calderwood