How Can I Help My Child?

How can I support my child’s French language acquisition?

  • attend parent-teacher interviews;
  • participate in parent workshops and school council activities;
  • encourage your child to complete his/her assignments;
  • provide your child with opportunities to practise new skills and apply new learning at home;
  • encourage your child to talk, read, and write at home in his/her first language to strengthen their first-language skills which are the foundation for learning French;
  • read aloud to your child either in his/her first language or in French;
  • encourage your child to write in French (e.g., shopping lists, stories, a letter);
  • go to the library with your child to borrow books, music, and DVDs in his/her first language and in French, and talk about them with him/her; 

CPF - Canadian Parents for French

Join a local group like Canadian Parents for French to meet other parents and to find out about French resources and cultural opportunities in the community. 

Voilà Learning

Voilà Learning is excited to announce that thanks to the generous contribution from the Ministry of Education, and the Trillium Foundation, all students registered in French Immersion can benefit from the help of a French teacher online every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5pm to 8pm.

How Students register: 

Students will need to register one time at the link below.  Following this initial registration, they will receive an email with one click access to the online platform.