Math skills are important to a child's success – both at school and in everyday life. Understanding math also builds confidence and opens the door to a range of career options.

In our everyday lives, understanding math enables us to:

  • manage time and money, and handle everyday situations that involve numbers (for example, calculate how much time we need to get to work, how much food we need in order to feed our families, and how much money that food will cost);
  • understand patterns in the world around us and make predictions based on patterns (for example, predict traffic patterns to decide on the best time to travel);
  • solve problems and make sound decisions;
  • explain how we solved a problem and why we made a particular decision;
  • use technology (for example, calculators and computers) to help solve problems.


Numeracy Resources

Please click here to view the Ministry of Education's Parent's Guide to Helping Your Child Learn Math

Visit for games and resources to support your child's literacy, numeracy and science skills.  

The Council of Ontario Directors of Education have created an informative resource package for parents with strategies for parents to help students of all ages in achieving success in math. The resource package includes online videos and tips. Please click here to view this resource package.