Gifted Programming

Courses for gifted students are offered at Kawartha Pine Ridge schools. This programming goes beyond the content included in the Ontario curriculum, offering students a more in-depth study of subjects. All elementary and secondary schools offer enrichment for students identified as gifted.

The following Advanced Placement Courses are available at these Secondary schools:

Bowmanville High School:    MCV4UA, ETS4UA
Clarke High School:             ENG3UA, ENG4UA
Please contact the school guidance counsellor for further information.

In our secondary schools, students have the opportunity to work toward writing an Advanced Placement (AP) exam. The AP program is interwoven with the Ontario Curriculum in the Gifted/Enriched courses. AP enrichment exposes students to university-level content and expectations, providing valuable experiences in preparation for universities in Canada, the U.S. or abroad. More information on the AP exam can be found at

For more information, please contact the Special Education personnel at your school, or see the Special Education Contacts page for the appropriate Board staff.