Special Education Plan

Each school board is required, every two years, to prepare and approve a report on the special education programs and special education services provided by the board, and to submit it to the Ministry. Each board is required to maintain a special education plan, to review it annually, to amend it from time to time to meet the current needs of its exceptional students, and to submit any amendment(s) to the Minister for review.

One of the purposes of a school board's special education plan is to inform the Ministry of Education and the public about special education programs and services that are provided by the board in accordance with legislation and Ministry policy on special education. (Standards for School Boards' Special Education Plans - Ministry of Education - 2000)

The following is the Kawartha Pine Ridge Special Education Plan. It consists of 20 Standards. View the sections of the plan by clicking on the associated links below, or view the entire plan by clicking here.

Model for Special Education

Standard 1


Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) Process

Standard 2


Special Education Placements Provided by the Board

Standard 3


Individual Education Plans (IEP)

Standard 4


Special Education Staff

Standard 5


Specialized Equipment

Standard 6



Standard 7


Transition Planning

Standard 8


Roles and Responsibilities

Standard 9


Categories and Definitions of Exceptionalities

Standard 10


Provincial and Demonstration Schools in Ontario

Standard 11


Early Identification Procedures & Intervention Strategies

Standard 12


Educational and Other Assessments

Standard 13


Working Collaboratively with our Community Partners

Standard 14


Specialized Health Support Services

Standard 15


Staff Development

Standard 16


Accessibility of School Buildings

Standard 17


Parent Guide to Special Education

Standard 18



Standard 19


Consultation Process

Standard 20