Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services are here to support the visual needs of schools and Board Office employees of KPRDSB.  We create custom designs for posters, charts, brochures, meeting materials, newsletters, bookmarks, slideshows, classroom materials, certificates, logos, etc.  We offer printing of large format posters and a large poster gallery of popular items.

Staff of KPRDSB should take a look at our “KPR on the Web” departmental page for details on ordering posters and pricing, as well as creating custom work.

Laminating Services

Graphic Design offers laminating services, with help from a Peterborough Community Living Staff member. 

We ask that you send laminating to us in the courier, using this form: Graphic Design and Laminating Order Form 

It is important that you complete the form to ensure your materials are properly labelled and billed to the correct account code. Laminating costs $0.50/per foot.

For More Details Contact:

Karen Owen
Graphic Designer
Extension 2180

Christine Cowen
Graphic Design Assistant
Extension 2246