New Employee Onboarding

Timely, focused information sessions are important for the induction of new staff and help to provide organizational and job-specific information before people step into new roles.

All new employees complete an organization-specific orientation through online modules.  This is completed independently by new employees. 

Online learning programs, which employ best practices in blended learning for new employees, focus on role-specific induction for new staff.  In conjunction with this self-directed learning, attendance at face-to-face, job-specific orientation sessions is a condition of employment for some, but not all, employee groups. For employees who are not required to attend information sessions a package of important information and contacts will be used by supervisors to orient new staff.

Dates for face-to-face orientations are scheduled throughout the year to accommodate the planned hiring schedules for various employee groups.  Completion of both the organization-specific (through online captivates), online and in person role-specific components are required as a condition of employment.

Job-specific orientations are provided for the following groups:

  • Secretaries
  • Custodians
  • EA's and CYW's
  • ECE's
  • Occasional Teachers
  • New Teachers - NTIP
  • New Principals, Vice-Principals and Supervisors - NLP