“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise."

- Sigmund Freud -

The following links will connect you with KPR self-assessment tools, and external self-assessment tools.  They are meant to help you reflect on how you perform as a leader.  The quality of information you get back is only as good as the quality of information you put in, so try to be honest with yourself in your responses.

Disclaimer: Not all of the external tools have been tested for validity or accuracy, so simply use them for informational purposes.

KPR Self-Assessments

Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI):

The LPI is a 360°leadership assessment.  It is a process that enables you to gather confidential performance feedback from those you work with and compare it with your own perception of your performance. It allows you to gain valuable insight into how you are perceived by those with whom you work. This will help you to find ways of working more effectively with your team and colleagues.

The feedback is gathered from multiple sources such as your manager/supervisor, peers and direct reports using a customized survey.  This survey is designed based on five competency areas: "Modeling the Way",  "Inspiring a Shared Vision" , "Challenging the Process", "Enabling Others to Act", and "Encouraging the Heart". These competencies align with the KPR Leadership Framework.

KPR offers a workshop entitled "Moving from Good to Great".  Participants complete the LPI, followed by a debriefing session. A summary report will be provided at the debriefing session, where participants learn more about their areas of strength and opportunities for growth, and how they can apply this information to build a career development plan.  For more details, please see page 17 of the Leadership & Staff Development Calendar.

External Self-Assessments