Greg Ingram
Superintendent of Education: Student Achievement
Ext. 2010


Lorie Wilson
Administrative Assistant, Student Success
Ext. 2010 

Denise Severin
Principal, Student Success
Ext. 3124 


Christine Cowen
Student Success Secretary
Ext. 2318 

Melanie Laton
E-Learning Registrar
Ext. 2191 


Tania Rightmyer
Ext. 2187

Experiential Education (Cooperative Education and Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program), Creating Pathways to Success, Crown Ward, University/College/Community Partnerships

Schools:  Bowmanville H.S., Brookside S.S., Clarington Central S.S., Clarke H.S., Cobourg Collegiate Institute, Courtice S.S.

Stephen McBride
Ext. 2382

School College Work Initiative (SCWI), Program Safety, Technology 

Schools:  Adam Scott C.V.I., Crestwood S.S., CIS Clarington, CIS Northumberland, East Northumberland S.S., Kenner C.V.I., Peterborough Alternative & Continuing Education

Vikki Dunn
Ext. 2069

Student Success School Support Initiative (SSSSI), Focus Intervention Planning Project (FIPP)

Schools:  Bowmanville H.S., Clarington Central S.S., Cobourg Collegiate Institute, Kenner C.V.I., Thomas A. Stewart S.S.

Jeff Brown
Ext. 2126 


Schools:  All

Deb Miller
Ext. 2050

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM), Student Success, Transitions, Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL)

Schools:  Campbellford District H.S., Lakefield District S.S., Norwood District H.S., Port Hope H.S., Thomas A. Stewart S.S.


Jackie Waller 
Ext. 2384

Instructional Technologies, Student Success School Support Initiative (SSSSI), New  Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL), EDSBY , (Blended Learning, Homework Help)

Schools:  Adam Scott C.V.I., Courtice S.S., Crestwood S.S., Port Hope H.S.

Ellen Hinan
Ext. 2185

First Nation, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) Re-engagement and Student Success School Support Initiative (SSSSI)

Schools:  Campbellford District H.S., Clarke H.S., East Northumberland S.S., Lakefield District S.S., Norwood District H.S.