FAQs for Warsaw Outdoor Education Centre

What time is my class expected to be at the Centre?
Classes usually arrive at about 9:30 or as soon as they can in the morning and leave at about 2:30 or in time to catch the busses home at the end of the day. Kindergarten classes usually spend half days with us.

Does the day run in inclement weather?
Yes!  However, we do cancel days if the weather is a safety concern, such as extreme cold or lightening storms.


Register NOW!! Bookings are done on a first come first serve basis. We do get cancellations throughout the year and try our best to fit as many classes in as possible. Thank you for your interest in Outdoor Education at Warsaw.

If you wish to register your class for a regular visit - Click Here!

If you wish to register your class for a cross country ski trip - Click Here!

Is there a cost to the students?
No!  The Board kindly pays the Conservation Area for every student who attends the outdoor education centre, so the only cost to you is the bus.  The exception is the Cross Country Ski Program, where each student is charged $2.00 for equipment rental and upkeep.

Can two classes come on one day?
A much better experience will be had by all if one class comes at a time. We also have strict fire code regulations which limit the number of people allowed in the portable at one time.

How many adults do I need?
Adult supervisors are so important for ensuring that we have a good, safe day. We always say "the more the merrier", but the minimum supervision ratios required by the Board are:

Kindergarten 1:4
Grade 1 1:7
Grade 2-6 1:10
Grade 7+ minimum 2 adults per class.