Teaching and Learning

Superintendent of Education: Teaching and Learning 

Jennifer Leclerc 

Extension 2030

Administrative Assistant, Teaching and Learning 

Pam Jones 

Extension 2030 


Principal of Program

Gloria Tompkins 

Extension 2040

Secretary to Principal Assistant – Program

Marie Meades 

Extension 2170

Assistant Secretary Teaching and Learning

Pat Lewis 

Extension 2308

Special Education

Principal of Special Education

Lloyd Schoenmaker 

Extension 2175

Secretary to Principal Assistant - Special Education

Kim Thomas 

Extension 2174

Professional Services Secretary

Elaine Baldock 

Extension 2176

Special Education Assistant Secretary

Carol Strabbing 

Extension 2182

School Effectiveness

Principal of School Effectiveness

Jackie Fehr 

Extension 2171

SEF Secretary – Jackie Fehr

Jane Hunt 

Extension 2172


Arts Itinerant Resource Teacher

Brenda Schepper 

Extension 2226

Arts Itinerant Resource Teacher

Tracy Berry 

Extension 2105

Healthy Active Living Itinerant Resource Teacher JK-12 

Danielle Murphy 

Extension 2347 

English Language Learner Itinerant

English Language Learner Itinerant Teacher

Lainey Bates 

Extension 2047

English Language Learner Itinerant Teacher

Erica Martin 

Extension 2045

English Language Learner Itinerant Teacher

Sherri Lee Merson 

Extension 2123


Consultant: French as a Second Language

Josée Boutin 

Extension 2389


Consultant: Early Literacy K-3

Teresa Kingston 

Extension 2193

Consultant: Literacy JK-8

Michele Coxhead 

Extension 2183

Consultant: Literacy JK-8

Nancy Foster 

Extension 2151

Consultant: Literacy 7-12

Karen Cummings

Extension 2307


Consultant: Numeracy JK-8

Laurie Moher 

Extension 2306

Consultant: Numeracy JK-8

Angela Green 

Extension 2129

Consultant: Numeracy JK-8

Kim Usher 

Extension 2208

Instructional Leadership Consultants

Student Work Study 

Carrie Beth Davidson 

Extension 2043

Data Research and Accountability 

Catharine Tozer 

Extension 2194

First Nation, Metis and Inuit 

Sheryl Mattson 

Extension 2195

Innovations JK-8 

Kerry Zinkiewich 

Extension 2199 

Student Achievement 7-12 

Vikki Dunn 

Extension 2069