Teaching and Learning

Superintendent of Education: Teaching and Learning 

Joe Tompkins

Extension 2030

Administrative Assistant, Teaching and Learning 

Pam Jones 

Extension 2030 


Principal of Program

Kerry Norris 

Extension 2040

Secretary to Principal Assistant – Program

Lorraine Haemel

Extension 2170

Teaching and Learning Service Secretary

Brenda Bennett

Extension 2308

Special Education

Principal of Special Education

Lloyd Schoenmaker 

Extension 2175

Secretary to Principal of Special Education

Kim Thomas 

Extension 2174

Secretary to the Executive Officer of Professional Services and Mental Health

Carol Strabbing

Extension 2176


Arts Itinerant Resource Teacher

Jeannette Spicer 

Extension 2208

English Language Learner Itinerant

English Language Learner Itinerant Teacher

David Way

Extension 2170

English Language Learner Itinerant Teacher

Amanda Hipgrave

Extension 2170

English Language Learner Itinerant Teacher

Alison Morton

Extension 2170

English Language Learner Itinerant Teacher

Lainey Bates 

Extension 2170


Consultant: French as a Second Language

Mandi Kofira

Extension 2389

Literacy  and Numeracy

Consultant: Literacy, Numeracy, Kindergarten

Teresa Kingston 

Extension 2193

Consultant:  Literacy, Numeracy, Arts

Consultant: Literacy, Numeracy, Assessment

Jeanette Spicer 

Deb Knox 

Extension 2208

Extension 2226


Consultant: Math Scope & Sequence

Angela Green

Extension 2129

Itinerant Intermediate Guidance Teacher

Paul Hamel

Extension 2151

Data Research and Accountability 

Catharine Tozer 

Extension 2194


Michelle Fenn

Extension 2384