Work/Life Balance – what does it really mean?  It feels like this elusive ideal that we all strive for and feel guilty when we can’t achieve it. But maybe, we can’t have it all. 

Work/life balance is about setting priorities about what is most important to us and building our schedule around those priorities.  At some points in your life it may that your career is your priority and at others family is a priority, where we spend our time will change over our lifetime. Cheryl Richardson has written a great book – Take Time for Your Life  Richardson’s book is a step by step guide to help you build the life you want.





The 7 steps she includes are:

  1. Put yourself at the top of the list

  2. Get your priorities straight

  3. What’s draining you?

  4. Invest in your financial health

  5. What’s fuelling you?

  6. Build a “soulful” community

  7. Honour your spiritual well-being


Here are more resources to help you create more balance in your life: