The KPR Health and Wellbeing Committee endeavours to organize a number of challenges throughout the school year to encourage our staff to takes steps to work on their own Health and Wellbeing.


For the 2016-2017 school year KPR Health and Wellbeing would like to focus on self-care, by encouraging all staff to care for themselves, managing your physical, mental and nutritional health.  The body, mind, spirit connection is critical to our wellness and this year we would like to support all staff to take steps to improve this connection in their lives. 

This year we will be offering incentives to all staff who take steps to take charge of their own health.  By taking charge of our health we recognize areas where we can take steps to do better and by taking these steps we improve our overall wellbeing.  Take a look at the details below to see how you can work to improve your health and earn rewards at the same time!

Challenge - Take Charge Of Your Health                 and win rewards

Take steps to improve your health and win rewards in the process. 

This year's challenge is about knowing our health risks and taking steps to reduce the risks.

The steps listed to the right will help you to identify these risks and secondly to begin to take actions. 

One huge health crisis in Canada today is Metabolic syndrome.  Knowing your numbers (See Step 2) will let you know if you should be concerned about this health crisis. 

In addition, studies have identified 8 risks and behaviours that account for 80% of all chronic disease.  Taking steps to reduce or eliminate these risks in our life (See Step 3) will be the first step to improving our overall wellbeing.

And finally, hearing about the success and strategies that others have used (See Step 4) is an encouragement to the rest of us. 


Below you will find links to details on this years' challenge. 

Step 1

Take the Manulife Health Assessment

Manulife Health Assessment 

Step 2 

Know Your Numbers 

What do these numbers mean? 

Step 3

Setting a SMART Health Goal

Step 4 

Share Your Success 

 Remember we will be offering incentives for completion of each step in the challenge and we will be holding quarterly draws for those who have participated.

Sharing Our Successes

As staff share their successes with us, we will share them with you to encourage and inspire you

Summer Challenges 

This summer H&W would like to put forward a challenge to all KPR employees to go out and learn something new this summer. We have included two different challenges with some easy ideas to get you started.  Try our Bucket Challenge which allows you to try a new activity everyday for 30 days, or our Adventure Challenge which will allow you to sink your teeth into something for 30 days.