School Registration


Kindergarten Registration for September 2018 begins January 2018.

Parents: make your child’s first classroom experience a warm and caring one! Your child's successful school journey starts at your local KPR public school. Many KPR public schools also have before and after school child care programs for busy working parents and guardians. Click here to learn about child care programs in KPR schools.

Your child can attend school in September 2018 as follows:

  • Junior Kindergarten – your child is four years of age by December 31, 2018
  • Senior Kindergarten – your child is five years of age by December 31, 2018

Please bring a birth certificate or other proof of age, proof of address, and current immunization record when registering your child. You may print off and complete the registration form below, and bring it with you to the school. Registration forms also are available at each school.

NEW!  Online registration using this Registration Form!  Register TODAY!
(Please note: for students new to KPR only.)

PDF Version of our Registration Form - Please print, then bring the completed form to your school.  

KPR School Maps

If you are not sure which school your child will attend, you can look at our Find A School page and/or use our new Find A School App.

Click here to go to the Find a School app

If you would like your child to attend a school other than the one designated for your home address, you will need to fill out the Student Out-of-Boundary Request Form. As a general rule, schools are able to take out-of-boundary students only if there is space left once they accommodate students within their own boundaries.

If your child is already attending a KPR school this year, there is no need for you to re-register for 2017.

Nutrition and Healthy Hydration Video Resource

This resource was designed to support parents new to the school system, but is also accessible to all parents of elementary students.  The video was funded by Healthy Kids Community Challenge, and produced by Key West Video.

Working Together: Nutrition at School for Healthy Kids

First Nation, Métis, & Inuit Education Policy Framework & Voluntary Self-Identification Program

Within our student registration form, you will see a section providing an opportunity for a student or a family with Indigenous ancestry to voluntarily participate in our self-identification program. This program is part of our commitment to implementing the Ontario Ministry of Education’s First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Education Policy Framework. 

We will be working to support success for Indigenous learners by increasing awareness of the learning styles of students, and increasing all staff and students' understanding of First Nation, Métis, and Inuit cultures, histories, and perspectives.

If you have further questions regarding the voluntary self-identification component of our registration, please feel free to contact:

Sheryl Mattson
705-742-9773 or toll-free at 877-741-4577, ext. 2195


If you have questions about schools in your area, please contact the closest Community Education Centre (CEC): 

Clarington CEC, 905-623-6723 or toll free 866-551-5032 
Northumberland CEC (includes Murray Ward of Quinte West), 705-742-9773 or toll free 877-741-4577
Peterborough CEC (includes City and County of Peterborough), 705-742-9773 or toll free 877-741-4577

International Students

KPR welcomes international students!  For information, please contact:  1-877-741-4577 or 705-742-9773, extension 2628